Though we don’t know much about GTA 6 at this point of time, there are certain things we can surely expect from the game. Over the time, the makers of GTA are pretty much aware of the kind of requests we have from them, and I am sure they shall be well looked after!


So here is a list of things that we could expect from GTA 6!

  1. Some sports:

Well, we are not expecting it to become another Fifa game, but yes we can always have some adventure and sports in GTA 6. It will be like having everything at one single place, missions, games and sports, etc. It is indeed one amazing game; like we always say the more the merrier!

  1. The approach towards women!

There have been a lot of controversies with this regards and GTA has been kind of sexist since the game is much about boys. This isn’t any complaint, but well you know may be they should work a way out. A female character can be added on so that the players have options to choose from!

  1. Explore!

There is a lot that the game has in store for players to see and explore; however, certain limitations continue to be there. You can’t always enter everywhere nor have access to things and people. Many often find this to be a problem or a turn off to be precise because you are losing out on chances to explore!

  1. Stunts reloaded!

Now we are talking! We all know how those random stunts get us points and life and of course cash. Not that the stunts to be done in GTA have been any less of a craziness, but well, we can always expect more? Who knows you could may be go surfing against the Tsunami or do something ever crazier?

  1. The job profile!

Again, a master choice! We always see the player starts from a particular point, and with a particular lifestyle. But what if it is us who gets to choose from the list of job profiles available for our player? A chef, model, player, or practically anyone! This could bring an interesting change in the entire game play!

All of this sounds interesting enough, doesn’t it? There is so much that the game could have in store for us. GTA 6 shall be probably one of the most unpredictable series of all times because we have no clue how much creativity could this game bring!