Though we don’t know much about GTA 6 at this point of time, there are certain things we can surely expect from the game. Over the time, the makers of GTA are pretty much aware of the kind of requests we have from them, and I am sure they shall be well looked after!


So here is a list of things that we could expect from GTA 6!

  1. Some sports:

Well, we are not expecting it to become another Fifa game, but yes we can always have some adventure and sports in GTA 6. It will be like having everything at one single place, missions, games and sports, etc. It is indeed one amazing game; like we always say the more the merrier!

  1. The approach towards women!

There have been a lot of controversies with this regards and GTA has been kind of sexist since the game is much about boys. This isn’t any complaint, but well you know may be they should work a way out. A female character can be added on so that the players have options to choose from!

  1. Explore!

There is a lot that the game has in store for players to see and explore; however, certain limitations continue to be there. You can’t always enter everywhere nor have access to things and people. Many often find this to be a problem or a turn off to be precise because you are losing out on chances to explore!

  1. Stunts reloaded!

Now we are talking! We all know how those random stunts get us points and life and of course cash. Not that the stunts to be done in GTA have been any less of a craziness, but well, we can always expect more? Who knows you could may be go surfing against the Tsunami or do something ever crazier?

  1. The job profile!

Again, a master choice! We always see the player starts from a particular point, and with a particular lifestyle. But what if it is us who gets to choose from the list of job profiles available for our player? A chef, model, player, or practically anyone! This could bring an interesting change in the entire game play!

All of this sounds interesting enough, doesn’t it? There is so much that the game could have in store for us. GTA 6 shall be probably one of the most unpredictable series of all times because we have no clue how much creativity could this game bring!

login snapchat online

Are you among the so many people who still doesn’t use Snapchat Login? Or may be doesn’t know about the application. Well, you should at least try it for once. It is a super easy to use and a simply created application for all the selfie lovers and the shutterbugs.

The application basically allows the users to upload pictures in the form of their story’s which would be visible to their friends, communicate with each other through pictures which are self destructive and of course you can also text and send images! The application has gained quite an amount of popularity in the recent times!

login snapchat online

The snaps that you send will last for as long as ten seconds and can be reduced to less depending upon your wish. Don’t forget, your stories last for only 24 hours!

Here is a list of features that Snapchat has in store:


One feature which practically all the Snapchat lovers idolize. You can add text on the pictures you click and they do look good enough. These texts can be your captions too and you will not have to look for another app to do the same!


Well, this is another feature of an editing application that comes handy whole you use Snapchat. You might want to make a moustache or draw some hearts and flowers; here is your chance to customize all that you want! You can use colours and also make use of text!


Though there are a couple of features that you can choose from; but they seem to be cool enough for the required change on your pictures!


A new feature has come in which allows you to see some media companies’ snaps. They include companies such as CNN, National geographic, ESPN, food network, cosmopolitan, etc. Original stuff that they upload keeps you glued to their brands and of course lets you know about new things. This feature basically keeps you updated!

Who to Follow

You can follow everyone you wish to, given he/she is there on Snapchat. Also, you can look up to your stars or brands to follow on Snapchat. It could be anybody whose Snapchat ID or numbers you have with yourself!

That was all that the application has in store for you.

Here is to all the storytelling in the form of some visuals with text and images! Are you up for it? Happy Snapchatting folks!


Showbox becomes popular though it’s banned and even you won’t find it in any official pp store. But it’s spreading leaps and bounds due to its usability and impressive features. People once get attached to it never think to drop it from their phone! Let’s have a look on how it has redefined the way of streaming videos online and enjoy all the premium clips and movies at free of cost! Nothing can be prettier than getting premium things without spending a penny!


Show Box Features- Majestic, Impressive and Overwhelming

Here in below we will find out the things that have stolen million hearts and have created a permanent place for Showbox in numerous mobiles worldwide.

  1. Navigation and Interface: The first thing that impresses the new user is the simple interface with fluidic navigation. You neither have to go through any tutorials nor any YouTube guide! It has quiet familiar interface and minimal design. It’s designed using Google’s material design to save data and to let it play while moving to low data bandwidth!
  2. Huge Database: It has one of the largest databases with numerous collections of movies and videos, users can search all the things with different filters. Type the video you want in the “search” option and hit the button……Within a second….BINGOOO…
  3. PC Compatibility: Installing any Emulator like Bluestack or Andy you can run it on your PC without any tricky process! It’s compatible with all the versions of Bluestacks. Like the other Android apps, it comes in your PC with the help of Android Emulators….straight and simple. Here is a detailed tutorial about downloading showbox on pc.
  4. Reward Point System: By downloading the app you will earn points and if you refer someone, you will earn some points extra, by redeeming those points you can unlock some exciting features! Don’t just watch videos, keep enjoying and unlocking the features one by one.
  5. Offline Mode: You can download the movie you wanna enjoy later, and can hook to it anytime anywhere even without internet. That’s means you can run Showbox in offline too! Amazing…isn’t it? Very few apps let its users to do it. YouTube has introduced the feature at first in early 2015.
  6. Share option: You can share any interesting video or clips with your friends by just a simple tap on the share button. Don’t enjoy alone, sharing makes the enjoyment double!
  7. Make Wishlist: As a registered user you can make your own wishlist with which things you prefer to watch later. This awesome option will let you know the things you have sorted.


Movies are the best source of entertainment when you are struggling from boredom or just have some time to spare. Here is a list of 5 apps for movies which are easily available from trustworthy and authentic sources and as well as used by millions of users.



The application listed below are for Android devices:


1: Crackle- It’s a free and very responsive application. It consist of a wide range which you can surf based on the popularity, most viewed and genres. Crackle app doesn’t offer any download option which is provided by other movie apps. Crakle provides fast streaming of videos. The ads broadcasted on this app doesn’t last for more than 15 seconds, thus giving an uninterrupted viewing. It even has a support for various platforms, so download it and kill your time effectively.


2: Flipps TV- This application is an easy getaway to movies, shows and music. Flipps TV has a massive range of channels which user can choose from and stream them right away. One of the awesome feature of Flipps TV is within a click the you can project the movie to your tv screen provided you can connect your TV to the internet or Chromecast.


3: Hubi: Hubi comes with an incredibly minimalist UI. The application can also stream videos from a restricted website without having to consult with any other application. Though Hubi doesn’t provide a catalog of the movies it offer. It even has a history part which is very beneficial if you wish to watch anything again and search for it in no time.


4: Big Star Movies- Want to watch anything apart from Hollywood? This application provides an alternative from the Hollywood movies. It consists of a collection of independent films, documentary, award winning etc. This application is available in paid as well as a free version on Google play store. In the paid version there aren’t any adds and even there aren’t any restrictions on usage.


5: SnagFilms- An application which is entirely dedicated to movies. Being only dedicated to movies there is a wide range in collection and its it’s only restricted to English movies. There are contents from various countries along with subtitles so the language doesn’t become a hindrance.

It even has some Tv shows in its collection, which can be easily found in the catalog.