FIFA series is one of the most popular game series ever for the past 25 years with a new edition for every year. Last year’s FIFA 16 had changes in new stadiums, teams, and leagues but this year FIFA 17 is coming with many significant changes to its technical aspects. FIFA 17 had changed many of its back end features to improve the game and make it more exciting to play.

fifa 17 news

FIFA 17 Trailer:

Latest FIFA 17 trailer had many thinks to show. The graphics and animations are more realistic, celebrations are going to be more exciting, managers are more lifelike than ever and many new changes to the game. The trailer is superb and really can’t wait to play the game.

FIFA 17 Gameplay:

The gameplay of the FIFA 17 is going to change a lot, and it is definitely going to excite the FIFA gamers. Physical Play had got amajor overhaul with pushback tech, player interactions, and 360° shield dribble. FIFA 17 had rewritten set pieces with new corner and penalty kicks and user controlled throw-ins. The player’s interactions and emotions, crowds, and stadiums are going to be more realistic in FIFA 17. Managers are going to me more encouraging, and additional four new attacking techniques are added. Active System in the game is also improved but doing constant spatial analysis in the background and adjusts the other players around you for more easy passing.

FIFA 17 Exclusive Details:

Some of the major features everyone needs to know are the new Journey mode and change in game engine and why is it important for FIFA 17.

The Journey:

The Journey mode is the story of a talented young football player Alex Hunter who is given an option to start his career by selecting a league. He will be giventhe option to join one of the 20 pro leagues. You will be selecting one of the league and start the career of the Alex and from now you will be playing as him and need to make him one of the top players in the game. In the journey mode, you will be answering many questions using the dialogue wheel, attend post-match interviews and many more options. EA had studied and researched many new players in football about the challenges faced by them, other player’s interactions with them as a new player and many other important and sensitive details to design and develop Journey mode for FIFA 17.

Game Engine:

FIFA had shifted from Ignite to FrostBite game engine for FIFA 17 edition which I think will be the best decision taken by EA Sports. FrostBite is a well-tested and researched game engine which is used in many games like Battlefield, Medal of Honor, NFS Run, Star Wars Battle Front and Mass Effect. FrostBite is the main component for the Journey mode. Players, stadiums, crowd and graphics had become more realistic. Players interactions and emotions are developed more lifelike, and now we can experience tunnels, manager’s office, locker rooms and team plane.


With a user base of 240 Million + Kik is one of the best Messenger Apps for your smartphone. Kik is an instant messaging app similar to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage,etc. but it is having a unique feature of anonymity where in other messaging apps users need to provide their mobile number but in Kik, there is no need to provide your mobile number to register except your email ID. To connect with other users, you need to know their Username.

Similar to all messaging app Kik uses theinternet to connect and transfer data to other users. You can transfer unlimited texts, photos, videos and many other things over Kik without any restrictions or limitations. There is a new feature in Kik where they provide you with different number of Bots which chats with you, and there are different Bots on various Topic like Lifestyle, entertainment, games, etc. This Bots feature is anew functionality in messaging apps and Kik and adapted very fast. You can also use group chat feature in Kik app to chat in a group.


Kik Login Online: How to

Many people like or sometimes need to login with their PC or from web messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage are provided with Online login services and PC software. WhatsApp can be login from a browser or install software to use it from PC. Whereas iMessage had a Mac software to install on Mac.

However, Kik officially doesn’t have any similar services to use from PC, but there are other ways to use Kik from your PC.

Now I am going to explain the process to use Kik from thebrowser without any installations.

1) Go to it is Android emulator that runs directly on thebrowser.

2) Create an account on the website and you will be given10 free emulator launches for every month.

3) Then you need to login to Play services to use the app in the emulator.

4)  Now you will need the Kik Apk file to install in the emulator.

5) Now you can login to Kik app in the emulator to use the Kik app.

If you use your own Kik login online details, then all the information will be synced with the emulator. Manymo will provide only 10 emulator launches for free to get more launches users need to pay. Free users cannot store the spa and information; every time user needs to install the app to use it. This the one best option to use Kik app online mostly the only option available to use.

There are other ways to use Kik app in PC but for that, you will need to install emulators into your PC like BlueStacks or iPadian. After installing an emulator, you need to select and install Apk file of the app to run it as if you are using an Android tablet on your PC.


If you want your car to have a pro look for forever and wish to increase its life span, then you must actually try to wax your car. However, if you don’t want to create a hole in your wallets and wish to do it on our own, here is how you can have it the easy way!


What You’ll Need

Before we start off, here is the requirement list for waxing your car:

  • An electric orbital buffer. (you can buy it for as less as $40 and as high as $300) With that, you could as well get a high speed angle grinder for buffing. (again, ranges from $50to $500)
  • Buffing pads (for about $5)
  • A kit containing car polish, best car wax, and microfiber cloths. (for $10 to $20)


Before you wax your car, it has to go through a pre process, called buffing. What the process does is it removes a layer of paint and exposes the fresh layer of paint beneath it. Now, as you apply the buffing compound, it acts as the paint stripper and you will get a clear coat of paint after having buffed your car, which feels like almost new.

With the help of a buffing pad, spread the compound evenly ensuring it doesn’t splatter. Now, turn on the buffer and work it up in a circular motion, holding the pad flat. Don’t turn the buffer too much and spread it lightly to avoid causing damage.

If your car paint isn’t all that messed up, you can work up the same method with the use of a car polish instead of buffing. The amount of polish required would be less and having buffed and polished your car, you shall now have the paint back to original.

Buffing has to be done once a year and if your car has been stored over a year and is pretty much in a good state, you can use polish instead of the compound. If your car is put to use regularly and undergoes a lot of exposure to all the outside elements, buffing might be needed more than just once.


Now, moving on to the waxing process, it begins the same way. Apply the car wax with the help of a fresh buffer pad and spread it over. (make sure you don’t accumulate all the wax at one place) Before removing the wax, cover sufficient area. Depending upon the wax you are using, you can give it time to settle down before you actually remove it, look up for the instructions. With the help of a microfiber cloth, begin removing the wax in circular motion.

Having covered the entire area, you will see the shine on your car again! Often people ask how regular should the car waxing be done. I suggest, it can be done once in every three months, but not buffed every time.

Wax your car at home and save on those extra bucks at the garage! do not forget to check best car battery.

There is an exciting genre of apps that are here to help you get your latest content delivered to you in a jiffy. This genre of internet downloading apps helps you download as much content as you like from the internet faster than you can imagine. SnapTube is one such app, which will get you a speed as much as 10 times faster than your normal internet downloader mechanism in the Android Phone. A contemporary of Vidmate and TubeMate, SnapTube focusses on the user’s ease along with utility. And this is what drives people to it.


SnapTube has a huge number of features to make sure people using the app get the most out of it. There are a lot of noteworthy features which maximise the utility of the app. Let’s talk about some of them.

SnapTube downloads videos fastest

The app is a powerhouse when it comes to downloading material off the internet. There is no comparison to the app’s utility in terms of downloading videos. Not only is it fastest, it also reports the least crashes and terminations. SnapTube’s video downloading feature offers multiple resolutions, easy intuitive flowcharts and more.

SnapTube converts videos to audio

Want to get a song from the lyric video? No need for a secondary app to convert video to audio. You can download the video from SnapTube download and have it converted to audio automatically on completion. What’s more, you can see how much space you will be saving in this manner by comparing the sizes of the audio file and video files at the time of choosing your resolution itself!

The app interface is rocking!

SnapTube’s interface is among the best reviewed. There is no comparison for the internet browsing capability and the easy access to videos and features. SnapTube’s intelligent design makes sure you can find all your favorite content in the least amount of clicks and swipes. This accounts for why the app has been receiving so much good publicity by word of mouth.

The app is customisable

SnapTube arguably offers more options for customisation than any other app. There is a lot the app allows you to modify. Most notably, the storage settings are really easy to change. Go to “Settings” in the main menu of the app, and look for “Storage”. You can modify your settings appropriately from right there. A lot of other important settings can be modified. And this customisability is available for the ease of users. This is perhaps the biggest factor that is retaining users and making them fall in love with this app.

This was all about what SnapTube does best. The app has shortcomings too, of course. We’d love to hear from you why you love, or hate, this app that you just cannot ignore. Leave us a comment below.


Even after all this while of 9 generations of iPhone, a new launch manages to create a similar interest in the minds of the users every time! In addition, the number of people waiting for the phone to hit the market keeps increasing!


It is before months since images based on the rumours seem to flood the internet and of course the speculations only add on to the final news which we get. Like always, Apple has as well a number of leaked features for itself coming in, in a new form every other day. As for now, we are pretty sure about the fact that the phone will hit the market in the month of September. (as for the trends that have been seen in the last couple of releases)

Release date:

Quite the simple and straight thing it is, we are expecting the iphone 7 to be released in the market by September and the device is likely to be available within two weeks after its launch.

The cost:

A minimum of £539 for the base model is what we are expecting while the 128 GB version could casue as high as £699!

The new things!

The first and most talked about feature, or let us say a missing feature is the headphone jack. The 3.5mm headphone jack is going to be eliminated to incorporate a double system of speaker instead.

The design of the new cases have no place for the hole mean for the socket which has resulted in the rumour.

Waterproofing is one features that might take over the iPhone 7! The sue of liquidmetal suggests its water resistance nature!

the low power mode in iOS 9 was a great deal for most of the users to enhance every day battery performance; but the iOS 10 in iPhone 7 suggests a step ahead as far as battery issues are concerned. No doubt, a better software and hardware is what the phone shall bring!

There are a lot of things that suggest the phone might feature wireless charging to make the entire usage of this phone a lot better!

There is a high chance of a missing home button! Though until now the home button is one thing which has remained how it was from the beginning, there is quite a possibility that it would be done away with! Rumours have suggested that and we do not know to what extent is it true!

This is quite surprise as the football star and every sports lover’s heartthrob makes a public statement regarding his take and status on the England friendly. Cristiano Ronaldo was quoted saying that he needs rest after the Real Madrid champion’s league victory game. The soccer star has been reportedly playing for over 4,000 minutes since just the beginning of this season. The latest update regarding the star’s status is that he is opting out of the match due this Thursday but he will definitely join his team before they face Iceland on 14 June 2016.

The Portugal forward recently scored the decisive penalty at the Milan game and propelled Real Madrid to their 11th European Cup championship. At the end of this spectacular game Florentino Perez was quoted saying that he wants Ronald to play for Real Madrid till the very end of his career. So when prodded about his status in the upcoming friendly against England he said, “Come on! I need to rest my legs. It is finally time to take a break and enjoy the moment before the real competition begins. I still have six days to relax before the real competition begins.” He surely meant the first stage matches at Euro cup 2016 where Portugal will be challenging Iceland for what we assume will be an easy victory.

Ronald also said, “I am very tired after the first quarter of the season. I have already played for more than 4,000 minutes, which is a good thing because that means I am still in form. I feel very good both physically and mentally. But there are a lot of minutes on these legs and I need some rest before the big game (at Euro 2016)”. He has certainly showed his fellow players that he is there at both the good moments and the bad ones to stand beside the team.

However he thinks that the 15 days break between the last warm up match and the Champion’s League Finals is a bit too much. “This is quite a lot of time to prepare for the Champions League at the end of the current season”, he said. Portugal is set to face Estonia in their last warm-up game on June 8.

Although Portugal is facing England for their last friendly this Thursday one can’t hope but wonder about the outcome of this game of giants. On one hand Ronald has taken his leave from this match and on the other Roy Hodgson is yet to announce his final list of the 23-man squad. A lot is resting on the names of that list and the fate of this match coming Thursday. do not forget to check England VS Wales Live Streaming.


Though we don’t know much about GTA 6 at this point of time, there are certain things we can surely expect from the game. Over the time, the makers of GTA are pretty much aware of the kind of requests we have from them, and I am sure they shall be well looked after!


So here is a list of things that we could expect from GTA 6!

  1. Some sports:

Well, we are not expecting it to become another Fifa game, but yes we can always have some adventure and sports in GTA 6. It will be like having everything at one single place, missions, games and sports, etc. It is indeed one amazing game; like we always say the more the merrier!

  1. The approach towards women!

There have been a lot of controversies with this regards and GTA has been kind of sexist since the game is much about boys. This isn’t any complaint, but well you know may be they should work a way out. A female character can be added on so that the players have options to choose from!

  1. Explore!

There is a lot that the game has in store for players to see and explore; however, certain limitations continue to be there. You can’t always enter everywhere nor have access to things and people. Many often find this to be a problem or a turn off to be precise because you are losing out on chances to explore!

  1. Stunts reloaded!

Now we are talking! We all know how those random stunts get us points and life and of course cash. Not that the stunts to be done in GTA have been any less of a craziness, but well, we can always expect more? Who knows you could may be go surfing against the Tsunami or do something ever crazier?

  1. The job profile!

Again, a master choice! We always see the player starts from a particular point, and with a particular lifestyle. But what if it is us who gets to choose from the list of job profiles available for our player? A chef, model, player, or practically anyone! This could bring an interesting change in the entire game play!

All of this sounds interesting enough, doesn’t it? There is so much that the game could have in store for us. GTA 6 shall be probably one of the most unpredictable series of all times because we have no clue how much creativity could this game bring!

login snapchat online

Are you among the so many people who still doesn’t use Snapchat Login? Or may be doesn’t know about the application. Well, you should at least try it for once. It is a super easy to use and a simply created application for all the selfie lovers and the shutterbugs.

The application basically allows the users to upload pictures in the form of their story’s which would be visible to their friends, communicate with each other through pictures which are self destructive and of course you can also text and send images! The application has gained quite an amount of popularity in the recent times!

login snapchat online

The snaps that you send will last for as long as ten seconds and can be reduced to less depending upon your wish. Don’t forget, your stories last for only 24 hours!

Here is a list of features that Snapchat has in store:


One feature which practically all the Snapchat lovers idolize. You can add text on the pictures you click and they do look good enough. These texts can be your captions too and you will not have to look for another app to do the same!


Well, this is another feature of an editing application that comes handy whole you use Snapchat. You might want to make a moustache or draw some hearts and flowers; here is your chance to customize all that you want! You can use colours and also make use of text!


Though there are a couple of features that you can choose from; but they seem to be cool enough for the required change on your pictures!


A new feature has come in which allows you to see some media companies’ snaps. They include companies such as CNN, National geographic, ESPN, food network, cosmopolitan, etc. Original stuff that they upload keeps you glued to their brands and of course lets you know about new things. This feature basically keeps you updated!

Who to Follow

You can follow everyone you wish to, given he/she is there on Snapchat. Also, you can look up to your stars or brands to follow on Snapchat. It could be anybody whose Snapchat ID or numbers you have with yourself!

That was all that the application has in store for you.

Here is to all the storytelling in the form of some visuals with text and images! Are you up for it? Happy Snapchatting folks!


Showbox becomes popular though it’s banned and even you won’t find it in any official pp store. But it’s spreading leaps and bounds due to its usability and impressive features. People once get attached to it never think to drop it from their phone! Let’s have a look on how it has redefined the way of streaming videos online and enjoy all the premium clips and movies at free of cost! Nothing can be prettier than getting premium things without spending a penny!


Show Box Features- Majestic, Impressive and Overwhelming

Here in below we will find out the things that have stolen million hearts and have created a permanent place for Showbox in numerous mobiles worldwide.

  1. Navigation and Interface: The first thing that impresses the new user is the simple interface with fluidic navigation. You neither have to go through any tutorials nor any YouTube guide! It has quiet familiar interface and minimal design. It’s designed using Google’s material design to save data and to let it play while moving to low data bandwidth!
  2. Huge Database: It has one of the largest databases with numerous collections of movies and videos, users can search all the things with different filters. Type the video you want in the “search” option and hit the button……Within a second….BINGOOO…
  3. PC Compatibility: Installing any Emulator like Bluestack or Andy you can run it on your PC without any tricky process! It’s compatible with all the versions of Bluestacks. Like the other Android apps, it comes in your PC with the help of Android Emulators….straight and simple. Here is a detailed tutorial about downloading showbox on pc.
  4. Reward Point System: By downloading the app you will earn points and if you refer someone, you will earn some points extra, by redeeming those points you can unlock some exciting features! Don’t just watch videos, keep enjoying and unlocking the features one by one.
  5. Offline Mode: You can download the movie you wanna enjoy later, and can hook to it anytime anywhere even without internet. That’s means you can run Showbox in offline too! Amazing…isn’t it? Very few apps let its users to do it. YouTube has introduced the feature at first in early 2015.
  6. Share option: You can share any interesting video or clips with your friends by just a simple tap on the share button. Don’t enjoy alone, sharing makes the enjoyment double!
  7. Make Wishlist: As a registered user you can make your own wishlist with which things you prefer to watch later. This awesome option will let you know the things you have sorted.